Is It Wine? Is It Beer? No, It’s BARLEYWINE!

So what the smeg is it, actually? Basically, a Barleywine is a strong, malt-forward ale. It’s called a “wine” because they hit you hard, between 8% and 12% abv (yeah, you might want to be sitting down for that one). Unlike a good vino, however, there’s no fruit in em! They are made using our favourite - you guested it, Barley! So it’s a beer. A big beer!

“Based on that, a lot of your special releases should be called a bloody barley wine” we hear you say? But Barleywine is a legit style, with a rich history and nailing one is a complete art-form. There are two distinct sub-styles.

English style, which you expect to see darker in colour (but not always), less bitter and not really showing many hops. Loaded with lots of caramel, biscuit and specialty malts, they are rich and decadent, with the layers of malt complexity the hero.