It’s A Bloody Zoo Around Here!

Kind of Thursday. Probably Friday. It’s a bloody Zoo around here!

Zoo; it’s Brisbane’s oldest Mixed Culture program, now 14 vintages long, with plenty more in conception.

10 years ago our brewers made their own mixed bag of microorganisms (prepare yourselves for more big words that end in “ism” and “yces” in this one folks).

What started as a “sensory session” ended with a corny keg full of the bottle dregs of their favourite breweries doing wild cultures. We’re talking Boon, Cantillon, Jester King, 3 Fonteinen, Timmermans, Orval and Fantome. Lovingly coddled for months before going into an XPA in local Shiraz and Chardonnay barrels. In 2014 of all things, what a time.