The Zoo 4.0 Wild Porter

Welcome to the Newstead menagerie.

Bottle dregs collected from Jester King, Boon, Orval, Timmermans, Lindemans, 3 Fonteinen and a few others were used to breed our own mixed culture. We then took our 21 feet 7 inches Porter, beefed it up so we would hit mid 7% ABV, chucked it in Shiraz and Chardonnay barrels, inoculated with the mixed culture and let the beast ferment for three months.

What resulted was a barely controlled, wild conglomerate of funk, spice and tannins. Version three see the shiraz and chardonnay barrels blended to give a bit of brett, a bit of lacto, a bit of padio and a bit of aceto. It's smooth, full bodied, with roast and chocolate malts to help bring balance to the fourth coming of The Zoo.

This iteration was available in keg only during October, 2017.

Tasting Notes: smooth and full bodied while still packing a punch.