The Zoo 6.0 Old Ale

Welcome to the menagerie where everything is plausible and nothing is abhorred. Microorganisms from around the world, diverse in biology and culture, have been harnessed for unique flavours.

The Zoo program began as a house mixed culture, refined from our favourite wild beers. Over time the cultures have embedded in our barrels, allowing a forced evolution within the selective pressure of Newstead. In time, the program itself has evolved to incorporate a blend of any and all possible delicious bugs, as diverse and unique as the brewers themselves.

Version Six is based off an Old Ale, fermented first in stainless steel with a classic saccharomyces yeast strain, before being spiked with a blend of brettanomyces, and a secondary fermentation over six months in barrels. The smooth malts of the Old Ale add to the fruity complexity of the brett, with just the right amount of leather to get you home. A low concentration of carbon dioxide make this complex number a sipper and one to savour and ponder the good old days.

This iteration was available in keg only during August, 2018.

Tasting Notes: tart and fruity flavours balanced over a smooth malt base.