The Zoo 9.0 Summer Sour

The Newstead Zoo program has been fermenting away for years, like six of them. In 2020, V9 sees a sideways shift in the mixed cultured used.

 Like the early releases, we’ve selected our favourite wild beers, but this time from America. Aged 13 months in Australian Red Wine barrels, this American Wild Ale began life as a saccharomyces ferment in stainless steel, followed by inoculation with a concoction of our favourite bottle dregs found in the USA.

Surreptitiously carted home from a pilgrimage to the West Coast, the culture is dominated by brettanomyces and lactobacillus culture, buffered with pediococus and a skerrick of acetobacter.

This Zoo variation was available in cans and keg during February, 2020

Tasting Notes: tarty and acidic yet well-balanced.