To Age Or Not To Age?

To age or not to age? That has been the question of wine buffs and Kardashians for centuries. Also those of us who found an original bottle of Session under our bed. The successful aging of wine and beer is dependent on a few factors, a big one being conditions.

If you’ve ever left a bevvie in the car during a QLD summer, you probably understand that fluctuations in temperature play a huge part in the ageing process. While there are plenty of studies done about the correct storing temp of wines and beer, there is one thing we all agree on - consistency. 20 degrees consistently is far better than 4 one day and 32 the next. But before you grab a carton of Coastal and stick it the cupboard for 10 years, you also need to keep in mind what age itself does to delicious crafted ale or wine.

In wine, we want acid and tannin. Wines with structure will age well. While the fresh fruit profile will drop away, the acid and tannin with keep the integrity in check. You still want balance though, so time is very important to consider. 100 yr old wine, while incredibly awesome to taste, will likely be past its best.