If you've got questions, we've got answers! You'll find the most commonly asked questions we receive below.

Can't find what you're looking for? No worries! Send us an email at cheers@newsteadbrewing.com.au or give us a ring at (07) 3367 0490.


GAH! We are 100% OG, family owned and fully family operated. In fact, we are one of Brisbane's oldest family owned, independent breweries. Since before the floods! We sure have evolved over the last decade, but we can assure you we are still independent and more passionate than ever about great craft beer.

We don't know if you know this, but we have been around the beer scene for a while. We are one of the OG's and being around a long time means you have a few mates floating about too. We are all about supporting the industry and what better way than by showcasing what some of our mates do best. You will find some of our dearest pals on the taps next to our fresh favorites from Newstead at both of our venues. We aim to showcase a new mate each month so to keep up to date follow us on our socials and stay hip and with it* on the beer scene.

*we are neither hip nor with it. We are old and love beer and our mates.

Our free local Brisbane delivery offer is open to all in a 10km radius of our Milton venue. If that applies to you, happy days! You'll get your carton/s delivered to you from a lovely member of our team.

Castlemaine St and surrounding local streets offer 2hr limited parking from 7am - 7pm on non event days. Castlemaine St is closed on event days and local parking is limited. We are located really close to Milton train station though, so that is very helpful.

If you aren't sure on the local parking restrictions, jump on the BCC website. They can 100% help you out.

Family owned and operated business right here! We are all about family so kids are more than welcome. We have games, pin ball machines and sidewalk chalk (the kids tell us, it's a thing). We just ask that they are supervised by a responsible adult at all times and do leave the venue pre 10pm where possible.

Do we like Dags? We don't like dogs, WE LOVE THEM! The Brewhouse is a super dog friendly venue and we can't encourage you bringing your fur babies enough. Just please make sure they are on a lead and are social beasts, not jerks. No one likes a jerk.

We aim to always be open on a major event day at Suncorp Stadium. Someone's gotta keep the good beer flowing and the pre event vibes happening - even if it's a Monday.

We got you! Sunday Brewers Brunch have become a staple at the Brewhouse. For $35 a head you score a fresh can on arrival, a personal tour with one of our certified and knowledgeable brewers, a beer tasting paddle along with a perfectly paired food tasting paddle. Spots are limited to 15 a session so be sure to grab yourself a Brewers Brunch Ticket online to secure your spot.

So sorry about this. Sometimes the best-laid technology fails us. It's an easy fix though. Email through to accounts@newsteadbrewing.com.au with the date and time you would have paid. If you have the amount of your bill (or close to it) that would be awesome too! We can email you the receipt straight back.

2022 was a tough year for Newstead and many of our friends around Brisbane and down south. We all fought pretty hard to stay afloat (pun intended). We opened our doors again in July of 2022, albiet with a limited offering and started brewing our beer at our Milton home ground again in November of 2022. What a hustle!

Flash forward to now, we're proud to say we kept our heads above water (last pun, we swear). We couldn't have done it without our awesome staff, fellow Brissy Brewery friends, and you loyal lot that kept coming back for more. Cheers to the good company through not so good times. Let's go for another year without floods!


100%! Our menu is perfectly designed to cater for all kinds of dietary needs. Vegan, Vegetarian, Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Halal, Allergies of all kinds. You name it and we can work it out. Please do keep in mind that we are brewery and as such we have all kinds of delicious beery ingredients floating around the venue. If you are super sensitive to grains, wheat, barley, gluten or alcohol, it's a proceed with caution for you.

DUDE! Beer is the essence of wetness. But it's ok. We got you boo. Our Tasting Room has a sommelier-curated wine list that showcases some of Australia's coolest and tastiest independent, boutique wineries. We support our mates over at Common Ground Brewing with their Sneaky Ginger, ginger beer (it's gluten free and delicious) plus everyones favourite, Willie Smith Cider. We are all about supporting the little guy so check out our fridges and ask our team for the latest Seltzers, Ciders and wines.

That is an affirmative. We have our fridges fully stocked with an awesome selection of No Alc beers and independent, locally sourced soft drinks. They have been hand selected to pair beautifully with our locally sourced spirits but are also perfect on their own.


We choose not to open on the 26th of January each year. But look forward to seeing you all the following day for fresh beers and chilled vibes.

We open on the 1st Tuesday of November for our Tightarse Tuesday (someone say half price beer and pizza?) from 4pm. We leave the race showing to our mates around Brisbane and stick with what we do best - BEER!

We host events of all shapes and sizes. From a table of 2 for a romantic dinner amongst the tanks, through to 400 people partying the night away on Level 2 at Milton. Reach out to the events team at events@newsteadbrewing.com.au to chat about all of your beery dreams and desires.

We sure can. We have a great space upstairs that we can offer for corporate training days, development sessions, national or international conferences. We can cater for you and add on some Brewery Tours to break up the sometimes brain-numbing numbers. Beer fixes everything, right!? Email us at events@newsteadbrewing.com.au to discuss what you need and we can make it happen.

You sure can. We are often at maximum capacity on big event days so to make sure you have time to sit at your table and enjoy our menu, we only accept bookings up to 3 hours before the kick off at the stadium. Outside of that, it's walk in and fingers crossed! If you are running late, we will only hold your table for 15 minutes as there are just so many bums for the seats! Make your booking here - cheers@newsteadbrewing.com.au

We do have minimum spends for some of our private spaces. They depend on the day and time of year, so if you have a desire for a private space, shoot us a message at events@newsteadbrewing.com.au and we can help you out.

Absolutely you can. If you were wanting to eat some delicious morsels, we would always recommend a grazing board for larger groups (It just means you lot don't need to stress about missing out on anything) and these are to be pre-ordered and paid for. But if the casual vibe of ordering as you go is more your style, we dig it, we just ask you make a booking with us so we can get your bums on seats. You can do that, right here at cheers@newsteadbrewing.com.au

You sure can. It comes at a cost, but anything is possible right? Full venue bookings are very dependent on the season and day, so drop a line to the events team who can help plan with you at events@newsteadbrewing.com.au

We have many awesome spaces at both venues to host any sized group and can tailor the offering to suit. For large groups in a private space, we offer a personal beer slinger with options of 2hr and 3hr drinks packages or simply ordering on consumption. The menu at Newstead is perfect for sharing and we can offer platters, grazing boards and canapes to suit your vibe. What kind of budget do you have in mind? Email events@newsteadbrewing.com.au