Gin sure Does Take The Edge Off

“Cures what ails ya”! Ok, so it’s the tonic that probably does the healing, but gin sure does take the edge off.

Yeah. You guessed it. This week is all about gin and little bit about why we first pour the good stuff from Wildflower Gin. It’s not just because Shane is an incredible legend (although that plays a huge part), it’s also because their gin is bloody delicious.

So, GIN! Juniper juice (if you know the OG, you know)! Basically, gin can only be gin if you macerate Juniper berry in the ethanol (normally overnight or for 24hrs).
From there, each distillery has their own “signature”, using all kinds of delicious additions to the distilling process.

In the case of Wildflower, it’s even more nuanced. They wash the freshly macerated gin with locally sourced Gold Coast honey and then steep cassia bark (like cinnamon), lemon peel, Kaffir leaves, lemon myrtle, Angelica root and smoked cardamom pods in a tea bag in the still. They let this sit for a minimum of 5hrs to make sure all of the delicate and carefully chosen flavours shine in the gin. And boy does it!