It's All About The Base, About The Base, In Barrel!

With the launch of Dusk, our Shiraz barrel aged Barleywine this week, we feel like it’s a timely time to talk about barrels and why “wood” we use them. So, why wood? Because DELICIOUS, that’s why! Wood has been used for centuries to create flavour, texture and depth in beverages, why stop now?

When you age anything, be it red wine, white wine, bourbon, whisky or beer in barrels you are looking for texture and particular flavours. Coopers are truly worth their weight in gold, as great wines, whisky’s and beers can be undone in a bad barrel.

We could (and will) write approximately 30 TT’s about barrels and their use, but today is all about aging beer in barrels and what we look for in them.