Savvy B or Cats Pee? That is the question!

Actually the question is “why do QLDers put ice in it?” It’s a simple answer Susan, BECAUSE ITS HOT AS HELL UP HERE!

It’s a bit more than that actually. Sauv Blanc is a delicious grape variety that gives passionfruit, cut grass, tropical fruits and gooseberry. Also cats pee. All of those mouth watering and triggering profiles come from thiols. Thiols (another thirsty thursday) are a cool family of compounds that you find in fruits and hops and are liberated through fermentation.

Basically, when you smash grapes up (or malt and grain) and yeast gets involved, you kick off fermentation. While I am pretty sure there is a cucumber in the back of my fridge making itself into a damn fine vino as we speak, I much prefer to sit in front of the fan with a glass of Savvy B.